"Cryptocurrency mined by webmasters built for everyone"

New crypto currency from developers from the UK! The platform enables its members to extract JSEcoin (tokens) directly in their browser, and also offers to earn webmasters by implementing the JS code of the miner into their sites and blogs. Mining algorithm does not require a powerful computer and a lot of CPU time (it is used only by the CPU) to solve problems. Therefore, the computer remains responsive, as if the mining process was not started. The project will be interesting for webmasters who have sites with a high attendance of users and a long time of their being on the web resource. It will also suit ordinary users who want to earn crypto currency, but do not have the equipment and concepts for pools, programs, and the like. After all, here the entire process of mining takes place in the browser with an open window of the private office.

Currently, the project is in the Pre-ICO stage. Therefore, as an investor, you can purchase JSEcoin coins directly on the platform through Paypal, BTC / ETH or bank transfer. The current market value at the level of 1 USD = 1 JSE. In 2018, after the launch, planned by ICO, the platform will be presented on stock exchanges and the price of coins will be determined by the open market.

Affiliate program: you will receive 3.5 JCE coins for each referral registered.


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